Jayakrishnan K

Editor in Chief

About Us – Valar.in

Let’s be honest, if you have found us. You are defiantly a business lover. Or just interested in the world of business. Valar.in is an online magazine it provides latest news about business. Valar is a word that came from Tamil language, which mean ‘To Grow’. The website Valar.in help to grow your business through providing the business news and (also we guide our entrepreneurs under the categories of) entrepreneurship, management, stock market and agriculture.

Let’s take a look that how we are processing, and helping our entrepreneurs. In our Valar Magazine website we have published lots of true stories that tells the journey and life of an entrepreneur and how they became a successful business man in this India. So the story will be the motivation and a guide for others those who are dreaming to become a successful business man. We believe there can be no better learning than to read the real life time experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

Example: ஆடியோ தொழிலில் முன்னோடி ஆனது எப்படி?, வருமானத்தைப் பெருக்கும் பனைப் பொருட்கள்ஜி.எஸ்.டி. தொடர்பான கேள்விகளும், பதில்களும்

Our Mission

Providing the best and trusted information and guides for our entrepreneurs to become a successful business man in this country.

Our Essence

At our core, Valar.in is in trustful hands. So the information will be legitimate. Best for rules of the life.

Our Promises

We deliver optimistic and diverse storytelling experiences, and point of view to our smart, curious and passionate entrepreneurs.